Welcome to UKMED

The UK Medical Education Database (UKMED) provides a platform for collating data on the performance of UK medical students and trainee doctors across their education and future career. It is the first time that undergraduate and postgraduate data has been brought together in this way.

By linking information such as assessment results, UKMED aims to highlight the paths of doctors through school, university and their career. This creates a unique environment in which new research can be undertaken in a broad range of areas to inform the development of medical education and assessment. To get a sense of the research that can be undertaken through UKMED, overviews of research applications accepted during the pilot phase of the project can be found on the Research page.

Following the successful pilot phase in 2015–2016, evaluated by all stakeholders, UKMED now takes applications for research twice a year. The next window for application will be in 2019. If you are considering making an application, we encourage you to contact us to receive advice and support in understanding the data available.

UKMED is achieved in partnership with data providers from across the education and health sectors. The UKMED Advisory Board is made of representatives from the following organisations:

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