Published Research about UKMED
Title Publisher Date
Chapter 5: Where do graduates go? A case study of the United Kingdom Medical Education Database (UKMED)
Peter Tang, Olga Sierocinska King, Katie Petty-Saphon, Daniel Smith, Thomas Oppé, Steve Thornton, Jonathan Dowell
WHO December 2022
The UK medical education database (UKMED) what is it? Why and how might you use it?
Jon Dowell, Jennifer Cleland, Siobhan Fitzpatrick, Chris McManus, Sandra Nicholson, Thomas Oppé, Katie Petty-Saphon, Olga Sierocinska King, Daniel Smith, Steve Thornton, Kirsty White
BMC Medical Education January 2018
Chapter 23: Big Data: where to start and what to expect in Starting Research in Clinical Education
Milou Silkens, Asta Medisauskaite, and Chris McManus
Wiley-Blackwell November 2023
Published Research using UKMED data
Title Identifier Publisher Date
The validity of the selection methods for recruitment to UK core psychiatry training: cohort study
Tiffin PA, Morley E, Paton LW, Chakraborty N, Patterson F.
UKMEDP155 BJPsych Bulletin March 2024
Determining the distance patterns in the movements of future doctors in UK between 2002 and 2015: a retrospective cohort study
Hitchings L, Fleet B, Smith DT, et al
UKMEDP044 BMJ Open February 2024
Is the awarding gap at UK medical schools influenced by ethnicity and medical school attended? A retrospective cohort study.
Brown C, Goss C, Sam AH
UKMEDP121 BMJ Open December 2023
How do the post-graduation outcomes of students from gateway courses compare to those from standard entry medicine courses at the same medical schools?
Elmansouri A., Curtis S., Nursaw C., Smith D.
UKMEDP038 BMC Medical Education May 2023
Institutional choice among medical applicants: a profile paper for The United Kingdom Medical Applicant Cohort Study (UKMACS) prospective longitudinal cohort study.
David Harrison, IC McManus, Eliot L Rees, Katherine Woolf
UKMEDP089 BMJ Open September 2022
Factors associated with declaration of disability in medical students and junior doctors, and the association of declared disability with academic performance: observational study using data from the UK Medical Education Database, 2002–2018 (UKMED54)
Michael J Murphy, Jon S Dowell, Daniel T Smith
UKMEDP054 BMJ Open April 2022
Situational judgement test performance and subsequent misconduct in medical students.
Tiffin, PA, Sanger, E, Smith, DT, Troughton, A, Paton, LW.
UKMEDP115 Medical Education March 2022
Differential attainment at MRCS according to gender, ethnicity, age and socioeconomic factors: a retrospective cohort study
Ricky Ellis, Peter A Brennan, Amanda J Lee, Duncan SG Scrimgeour, Jennifer Cleland
UKMEDP043 Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine February 2022
Differences in progression by surgical specialty: a national cohort study.
Carla Hope, Jonathan Lund, Gareth Griffiths, David Humes
UKMEDP083 BMJ Open February 2022
Can achievement at medical admission tests predict future performance in postgraduate clinical assessments? A UK-based national cohort study.
Lewis W Paton, C McManus, Kevin Yet Fong Cheung, Daniel Thomas Smith, Paul A Tiffin
UKMEDP051 BMJ Open February 2022
Does performance at the intercollegiate Membership of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons (MRCS) examination vary according to UK medical school and course type? A retrospective cohort study.
Ricky Ellis, Peter A Brennan, Duncan S G Scrimgeour, Amanda J Lee, Jennifer Cleland
UKMEDP043 BMJ Open January 2022
Predictive validity of A-level grades and teacher-predicted grades in UK medical school applicants: a retrospective analysis of administrative data in a time of COVID-19
I C McManus, Katherine Woolf, David Harrison, Paul A Tiffin, Lewis W Paton, Kevin Yet Fong Cheung, Daniel T Smith
UKMEDP112 BMJ Open December 2021
Personal characteristics associated with progression in general surgery training: a longitudinal cohort study
C Hope, H Boyd-Carson, H Phillips, G Griffiths, D Humes, J Lund
UKMEDP083 Bulletin of The Royal College of Surgeons of England August 2021
Personal Characteristics Associated with Progression in Trauma and Orthopaedic Specialty Training: A Longitudinal Cohort Study
Carla Hope, David Humes, Gareth Griffiths, Jonathan Lund
UKMEDP083 Journal of Surgical Education July 2021
Does performance at medical school predict success at the Intercollegiate Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS) examination? A retrospective cohort study.
Ricky Ellis, Duncan S G Scrimgeour, Peter A Brennan, Amanda J Lee, Jennifer Cleland
UKMEDP043 BMJ Open July 2021
The impact of disability on performance in a high-stakes postgraduate surgical examination: a retrospective cohort study.
R Ellis, J Cleland, DSG Scrimgeour, AJ Lee, PA Brennan
UKMEDP043 Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine July 2021
Predictors of ophthalmology career success (POCS) study
Aditi Das, Daniel Smith, Rashmi G Mathew
UKMEDP039 BMJ Open Ophthalmology July 2021
Uncovering trends in training progression for a national cohort of psychiatry trainees: discrete-time survival analysis
Milou E.W.M. Silkens, Shah-Jalal Sarker, Asta Medisauskaite
UKMEDP098 BJPsych Open June 2021
Is Academic Attainment or Situational Judgement Test Performance in Medical School Associated With the Likelihood of Disciplinary Action? A National Retrospective Cohort Study
Sam, Amir H, Bala, Laksha, Westacott, Rachel J., Brown, Celia
UKMEDP107 Academic Medicine June 2021
Development of a UKMED multidimensional measure of widening participation status.
Paul Lambe, Martin Roberts, Tom Gale, David Bristow
UKMEDP041 UKMED March 2021
Performance at medical school selection correlates with success in Part A of the intercollegiate Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS) examination
Ricky Ellis, Peter Brennan, Duncan SG Scrimgeour, Amanda J Lee, Jennifer Cleland
UKMEDP043 Postgraduate Medical Journal March 2021
Could the UK Foundation Programme training post allocation process result in regional variations in the knowledge and skills of Foundation doctors? A cross‐sectional study
Christopher Beck, Celia Brown
UKMEDP106 Health Science Reports November 2020
‘10% of your medical students will cause 90% of your problems’: a prospective correlational study
Marina Sawdon, JC McLachlan
UKMEDP077 BMJ Open November 2020
Differential attainment in the MRCPsych according to ethnicity and place of qualification between 2013 and 2018: a UK cohort study
Paul Tiffin, Lewis Paton
UKMEDP103 BMJ Journals September 2020
Calculated grades, predicted grades, forecasted grades and actual A-level grades: Reliability, correlations and predictive validity in medical school applicants, undergraduates, and postgraduates in a time of COVID-19
Chris McManus, Katherine Woolf, Dave Harrison, Paul Tiffin, Lewis Paton, Kevin Yet Fong Cheung, Daniel Smith
UKMEDP112 medRxiv June 2020
A comparison of undergraduate outcomes for students from gateway courses and standard entry medicine courses
Sally Curtis, Daniel Smith
UKMEDP038 BMC Medical Education January 2020
Are there differences between those doctors who apply for a training post in Foundation Year 2 and those who take time out of the training pathway? A UK multicohort study
Jennifer Cleland, Gordon Prescott, Kim Walker, Peter Johnston, Ben Kumwenda
UKMEDP046 BMJ Open November 2019
A sequential analysis of the specialty allocation process in the UK. Empirical evidence from the UKMED database.
Idaira Rodriguez Santana,Martin Chalkley
UKMEDP022 UKMED July 2019
Sociodemographic and educational characteristics of doctors applying for psychiatry training in the UK: Secondary analysis of data from the UK Medical Education Database project.
Lambe, P., Gale, T., Price, T., & Roberts, M. (n.d.).
UKMEDP030 BJPsych Bulletin May 2019
Relationship between sociodemographic factors and specialty destination of UK trainee doctors: a national cohort study
Ben Kumwenda, Jennifer Cleland, Gordon Prescott, Kim Walker, Peter Johnston
UKMEDP026 BMJ Open March 2019
Effect of sex on specialty training application outcomes: a longitudinal administrative data study of UK medical graduates
Katherine Woolf, Hirosha Jayaweera, Emily Unwin, Karim Keshwani, Christopher Valerio, Henry Potts
UKMEDP020 BMJ Open March 2019
Geographical mobility of UK trainee doctors, from family home to first job: a national cohort study
Ben Kumwenda, Jennifer A Cleland, Gordon J Prescott, Kim Walker, Peter W Johnston
UKMEDP026 BMC Medical Education December 2018
Impact of accelerated, graduate-entry medicine courses: a comparison of profile, success, and specialty destination between graduate entrants to accelerated or standard medicine courses in UK
Paul Garrud, Chris McManus
UKMEDP002 BMC Medical Education November 2018
Evaluating the validity of the selection measures used for the UK’s foundation medical training programme: a national cohort study
Daniel Smith, Paul Tiffin
UKMEDP003 BMJ Open July 2018
Relationship between sociodemographic factors and selection into UK postgraduate medical training programmes: a national cohort study
Ben Kumwenda, Jennifer A Cleland, Gordon J Prescott, Kim Walker, Peter W Johnston
UKMEDP026 BMJ Open June 2018
Predictors of fitness to practise declarations in UK medical undergraduates
Lewis Paton, Paul Tiffin, Daniel Smith, Jon Dowell, Lazaro Mwandigha
UKMEDP001 BMC Medical Education April 2018
Factors associated with junior doctors’decisions to apply for general practice training programmes in the UK: secondary analysis of data from the UKMED project
Thomas C. E. Gale, Paul J. Lambe, Martin J. Roberts
UKMEDP030 BMC Medicine December 2017
The relationship between school type and academic performance at medical school: a national, multi-cohort study
Ben Kumwenda, Jennifer A Cleland, Kim Walker, Amanda J Lee, Rachel Greatrix
UKMEDP026 BMJ Open September 2017