Training pathways analysis

One aim of UKMED is to understand the undergraduate and postgraduate medical training pathways. UKMED partners and organisations involved in medical education can now apply to use data held within UKMED for the purpose of analysing medical training pathways.

This is different from conducting research as there is no research question with a hypothesis to test. Instead it takes the form of basic aggregated data extracts which are released to certain bodies in order to assist with activities such as workforce planning.

Please see the resources for more information.

Resources relating to UKMED and training pathways - Description
UKMED Update on the Funder Data Project
Information regarding the second data collection cycle for 2021 - 2022.
UKMED standard extracts
The rationale and process of using UKMED to analyse training pathways. (updated August 2020)
The contribution of “Value-add” methodology to understanding medical school outcomes
A project using data extracts from UKMED to explore the methodology for studying the institutional effects on progress of medical students.
UKMED Supporting Sector Wide Analysis
A guide detailing the steps to be taken in accessing the database for supporting sector wide reviews. (updated August 2020)