The database has been set up to support research on medical education pathways and the selection and assessment methods at different stages of training. In the pilot phase (2015–2016) the database focused on those who entered medical school in 2007 and 2008, and tracked their progress from entry to medical school into the two years of training and practice within the UK Foundation Programme. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to read overviews of research applications accepted during the pilot.

Following evaluation of the pilot phase, UKMED is currently open to recommendations about new research questions and associated datasets for inclusion in the database. Information on these can be found at Potential new datasets.

Next application window is September 23 2024 - October 14 2024 at 12:00 noon GMT. See all upcoming application windows here.

The UKMED Research Flowchart

Resources to support applications for research datasets - Description
Welcome pack PDF for prospective applicants
A guide for researchers ahead of making an application.
Process for completing UKMED research
A guide detailing the steps to be taken in accessing the database.
Data Dictionary Person and Event | Reference Tables

The types of data available for research.
Options for researchers including their own datasets in research extracts
Information on using UKMED data together with data you already hold.
Lessons from UKMED pilot phase
Lessons identified by researchers using UKMED data in pilot phase (2015–2016).
Application form (reference)
An MS Word version of the application form. For reference purposes.