Web Accessibility

In this section we provide a range of information to help people access our site. You can find out about:

  • having the website content read to you
  • how to customise your view of the site including changing the text size, colour, the background colour
  • useful links to further accessibility information.
If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of this site, please email

Have this site read aloud to you

Various solutions exist, an overview of which can be found on the bbc website.

Resizing the text

You can change the size of text displayed on the website by adjusting the browser settings. Don’t worry about changing the settings either – it’s easy to do and easy to change back. For information about how to do this, please refer to this guide.

Changing the text or background colour

If you are having difficulty reading the black text against a white background, it is possible to change the colours of the text and background by adjusting the browser settings - it’s easy to do and easy to change back. Please visit this guide for more information.

Useful links and resources

  • AbilityNet ‐ is a national charity helping disabled adults and children to use computers and the internet by adapting and adjusting their technology.
  • WebAIM ‐ is an excellent web accessibility resource with news, links and articles.
  • Reading PDF content ‐ a guide for people with disabilities (Adobe website).